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What ISIS Really Wants – a Very Important Analysis from The Atlantic

Scary – in the extreme. But really hope our politicians and security Movers & Shakers find the time to read this comprehensive analysis of what makes ISIS tick. And if You and as many others as possible can persevere through … Continue reading

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Let There be Peace in the Valley – with a few of our own Words (and Actions?), for 2015

… cue Music – and ELVIS! ▶ Elvis Presley – (There’ll Be) Peace in the Valley (For Me) (1957) [Digitally Remastered] – Video Dailymotion. Let there be Peace in the Valley Not just for Me, but for You, And Everyone … Continue reading

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Japanese New Year Faux Pas?

Just heard on the News that the Japanese have released Thousands of BALLOONS to ‘celebrate’ the New Year. Do they really not understand the serious threat this poses by adding to the recently reported Trillions of plastic debris already polluting … Continue reading

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Concerns raised over use of drones

Food for thought – clearly needs effective control/detection capability to thwart any terrorist/criminal use and to minimise risks of careless public use or tragic results of a malfunction. I recently saw a video of drones being flown fast and at … Continue reading

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Solar Energy in the deserts of Africa imported to Your Country – Good Idea, OR…?

Cheap African solar energy could power UK homes – or anywhere else for that matter: Good idea OR would it make whoever took up the deal (and became Dependent on this Energy source) Hostages to Fortune exposed to Terrorism in … Continue reading

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