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RAF scrambled as Russian fighters identified off UK coast – WoW!

RAF jets scrambled after Russian aircraft seen off Cornwall RAF jets were scrambled on Wednesday after two Russian military aircraft were seen off the coast of Cornwall, the Ministry of Defence says. Whatever Next? No, SERIOUSLY!

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What ISIS Really Wants – a Very Important Analysis from The Atlantic

Scary – in the extreme. But really hope our politicians and security Movers & Shakers find the time to read this comprehensive analysis of what makes ISIS tick. And if You and as many others as possible can persevere through … Continue reading

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Let There be Peace in the Valley – with a few of our own Words (and Actions?), for 2015

… cue Music – and ELVIS! ▶ Elvis Presley – (There’ll Be) Peace in the Valley (For Me) (1957) [Digitally Remastered] – Video Dailymotion. Let there be Peace in the Valley Not just for Me, but for You, And Everyone … Continue reading

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Japanese New Year Faux Pas?

Just heard on the News that the Japanese have released Thousands of BALLOONS to ‘celebrate’ the New Year. Do they really not understand the serious threat this poses by adding to the recently reported Trillions of plastic debris already polluting … Continue reading

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Why is My Daughter so Strong? I Didn’t Clip her Wings.

This quite definitely a MUST watch (and of course Listen) TED Talk. Not to mention, Listen and Learn. It is not simply about the courage of a brave and remarkable young lady but a first hand education on the misguided … Continue reading

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A new Cold War on the Horizon?

A new Cold War on the Horizon? So far not heard such a profound analysis of current east West relationships, certainly not from such an internationally respected source. A very disturbing conclusion. Can only hope he is wrong – but … Continue reading

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Immigration Control and the case of Wadih Chourey: Ticks in Statistical Boxes for the Wrong Reasons?

I am all for Strong, Effective, Robust and most any other kind of Effective Immigration Control to address the real immigration problem suffered by this country – but it must be Just and Compassionate. In particular it should focus on … Continue reading

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Deportation of Criminals from UK – or any other country that has unwittingly given them a welcome

This is by no way a simple question but like all of their ilk, our opposition politicians are ready to make it into another Political Football. But I don’t doubt for a minute that the present Conservative Government would just … Continue reading

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World Changing Ideas Summit 2014 – now THAT’s a heck of an ambitious agenda for a World Get-Together! I’m going to have to follow this one. It’s being held in New York but seems our good ole’ Aunty BBC has been honoured to present … Continue reading

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Same Sex Marriage and Equality – Political Correctness, A Step Too Far

Some will be offended by my views on this subject but the issue here is the Right to Object to Undemocratic Enforcement of Political Correctness to the point of using the Education System to Brainwash our children. This is what … Continue reading

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