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What ISIS Really Wants – a Very Important Analysis from The Atlantic

Scary – in the extreme. But really hope our politicians and security Movers & Shakers find the time to read this comprehensive analysis of what makes ISIS tick. And if You and as many others as possible can persevere through … Continue reading

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Japanese New Year Faux Pas?

Just heard on the News that the Japanese have released Thousands of BALLOONS to ‘celebrate’ the New Year. Do they really not understand the serious threat this poses by adding to the recently reported Trillions of plastic debris already polluting … Continue reading

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World Changing Ideas Summit 2014 – now THAT’s a heck of an ambitious agenda for a World Get-Together! I’m going to have to follow this one. It’s being held in New York but seems our good ole’ Aunty BBC has been honoured to present … Continue reading

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Future Chronicles- an intriguing Project and a Powerful Web Design. Have to Dig Deeper! This is an absolutely intriguing project on an extremely captivating and well designed site. I have only just encountered it and look forward to digging deeper. You may too.

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When Anti-Racism starts to sound Very Racist: Human Zoo protest, Barbican ‘Exhibit B’.

I supported a campaign against a Human Zoo exhibit (Exhibit B) at London’s Barbican on the basis that it could offend the black community who indeed considered it racist. Personally I doubted it was intended to be racist- but … Continue reading

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Inspirational anti Litter vendetta!

A Bikers litter campaign – good on ya! Think I’ll have to get out and about on my cruiser now

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Are you a natural Public Speaker & do you WANT to be?

Are you a natural Public Speaker & do you WANT to be? I have never felt fully comfortable speaking in public – but I have always relished the challenge and wanted to do it well. Though I have never felt … Continue reading

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An uncivil society and social media. The Good the Bad and the Ugly. Freedom of speech – without vitriol.

An Uncivil Society: Twitter, Tom Morello, and Terrorism. Oohlaladeborah has written here yet another intelligent and eloquent article with which I find myself in strong agreement. Unfortunately incivility will continue but we should try and object to it whenever we … Continue reading

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Privacy and Big Brother Phobias: What’s the Problem?

Privacy and Big Brother Phobias: What’s the Problem?

Here they go again – these paranoid privacy aversion campaigners. Just another phobia like all those other ones organisations like Liberty, for example, get behind or stoke up. I am assuming the data accessed by BA would be in the public domain anyway, or specifically authorised when booking, such as an option to access a customer’s Facebook pages. So – What’s the problem?

Why knock a very positive and customer service oriented initiative – especially by a big British flag waving corporation? It’s all quite exasperating. I have no problem with drawing attention to, and guarding against, genuine threats to our very personal and justifiably guarded privacy – but it seems that once one of these Liberty type organisations becomes established they end up jumping on every bandwagon they can find. I wonder if their celebrity is so intoxicating that, like any other corporate entity, they do anything to ‘stay in business’. So they dredge the depths to find anything they can scare-monger and moan about. Most of these phobia privacy issues are, in my opinion, quite unfounded. Such as ID cards – if you have got nothing to hide, What’s the problem?

Similarly, if BA access the public domain internet to get information on their customers which they can then use to, for example, personalise their service when they ‘meet & greet’ their customers – then: What IS the problem?

Continue reading

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The Right to Privacy – another anarchistic bandwagon starts to roll

Another bandwagon has had the horse teams hitched up and is ready to roll. The sometimes admirable and othertimes narrow sighted ‘anti-anything-that-moves junkies’ have predictably circled the wagons ready to defend us all against the Government plans to exercise what … Continue reading

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