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What ISIS Really Wants – a Very Important Analysis from The Atlantic

Scary – in the extreme. But really hope our politicians and security Movers & Shakers find the time to read this comprehensive analysis of what makes ISIS tick. And if You and as many others as possible can persevere through … Continue reading

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Immigration Control and the case of Wadih Chourey: Ticks in Statistical Boxes for the Wrong Reasons?

I am all for Strong, Effective, Robust and most any other kind of Effective Immigration Control to address the real immigration problem suffered by this country – but it must be Just and Compassionate. In particular it should focus on … Continue reading

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Deportation of Criminals from UK – or any other country that has unwittingly given them a welcome

This is by no way a simple question but like all of their ilk, our opposition politicians are ready to make it into another Political Football. But I don’t doubt for a minute that the present Conservative Government would just … Continue reading

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