Smart Energy – Wow!

Loving the Future – only making me worry now that I’m unlikely to be around to enjoy the benefits, such as Smart Energy! But then, I’ve had my share of the Future compared with my parents; haven’t we all? So, shame on me for even thinking such selfish thoughts!

Back to the (Smart) Future …

Well, I’ve just heard all about the Smart Future on our horizons, on the News. It seems that it’s all geared to optimising renewable energy, such as wind power, which is seasonal and variable with prevailing weather conditions on a day-to-day even hourly basis, as opposed to the predictable and constant, but expensive and risk laden nuclear or finite resource-dependent environmentally unfriendly alternatives. The idea is that the energy network will interrogate our heavy consumption domestic appliances as to whether they can delay, say, the washing we’ve just loaded in our washing machine, from the present high peak nuclear or fossil fuel sorted energy, to later when ideally the grid will be receiving energy from wind farms generation. This could even include interrupting the supply to our fridges, so long as the temperature levels can be maintained by efficient insulation within acceptable limits. Sounds GREAT! 

Yet more proof that the only limit to applying digital technology is our creative imagination. 

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