Back on the road again

Best of luck Thea, on your second European adventure! GIRL POWER!

Thea & Tails

Alf and I are on the road again in beautiful Beryl. This time we’re heading through France to Spain and probably Portugal. I say probably because there is, as ever, no definitive plan. The only plan is to visit a couple of friends who live near(ish) to Marbella – apart from that we’ll just go with the flow.

When I headed out on my last and first big trip, in my van, last summer in Europe and Scandinavia I thought it would probably be a one off – after all I’d need to go back to work. Well things didn’t quite work out that way, I ended getting the chance of redundancy which I grabbed it with both hands. Even after 21 years it wasn’t a difficult decision – especially as I was sat by Lake Siljan in Sweden. I can remember it vividly – I had little cheeky chaffy…

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