अ दे ओफ चेलेब्रतिओन्स – A day of celebrations

My daughter Thea, continues her Nepalese Volunteer Experience blog with this insightful report which helps us have some little inkling of the way it is – in her new real world she is currently sharing in this small community. One big first impression is the lovely smiles on all the faces. Can’t help but feel that is telling us something.

Thea & Tails

Today started out as normal for life at the Happy House but it ended up out extraordinary. It began with the usual routine of mucking out the cow & buffalo shed, helping with water, tea and preparing and eating Dhal Baht (traditional Nepalese meal; dal, lentil soup, served with rice and a vegetable dish) and cleaning the children’s house out.

After we’d finished the mornings chores, I went for a little stroll down the lane and noticed that people in one of the homes opposite were all gathered together and the ladies were dressed up in beautiful red saris. Bisanti, the house mothermlater explained that it was a hindu celebration today and she / we had been invited over later. How exciting.

Before our visit we spent a good while chopping up the radishes that we had picked the day before – huge white radishes that we cut into thin…

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