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Pope Francis – A Breath of Fresh Air! This man (Pope Francis) is a Breath of Fresh Air – in a dogmatic blinkered world

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Fake it – till you Become it! Should YOU discover Your Power Pose?

I have to say, along with 21 million others I came away feeling it was worth watching this TED Talk on Body Language. OK, so it doesn’t sound like a Gripping subject: True. But there is a bit more behind … Continue reading

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Twitter and World Domination!

Blutige Hölle!!

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New Google Email INBOX App – sounds like a step change in email management

have to say: I REALLY Like this. Hope it’s as good as it sounds – especially the clever algorithm that picks out the REALLY Important Info content. It’s got me interested!!

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Deportation of Criminals from UK – or any other country that has unwittingly given them a welcome

This is by no way a simple question but like all of their ilk, our opposition politicians are ready to make it into another Political Football. But I don’t doubt for a minute that the present Conservative Government would just … Continue reading

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Concerns raised over use of drones

Food for thought – clearly needs effective control/detection capability to thwart any terrorist/criminal use and to minimise risks of careless public use or tragic results of a malfunction. I recently saw a video of drones being flown fast and at … Continue reading

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Solar Energy in the deserts of Africa imported to Your Country – Good Idea, OR…?

Cheap African solar energy could power UK homes – or anywhere else for that matter: Good idea OR would it make whoever took up the deal (and became Dependent on this Energy source) Hostages to Fortune exposed to Terrorism in … Continue reading

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World Changing Ideas Summit 2014 – now THAT’s a heck of an ambitious agenda for a World Get-Together! I’m going to have to follow this one. It’s being held in New York but seems our good ole’ Aunty BBC has been honoured to present … Continue reading

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The Next British General Election – Going to be a Bit Different – probably an Understatement! Definitely ‘A Big, Big Unknown’ if this 50for15 exercise is anything to go by

This post is essentially UK-centric/interest only, but it is an early indicator that the upcoming UK General Election is going to be much more signnificant and probably difficult to ‘call’ than any for a long, long time. Maybe also a … Continue reading

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