Down on the Farm in Wieste (Emsland, Germany)

Thea and Beryl at Wieste Farm May 2014Thea  Alf al fresco HollandDown on the farm in Weista.   this is the latest post from my daughter, Thea’s blog following her European Adventure. She is driving her camper van (Beryl, the Purple Peril) accompanied by her trusty Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Alfie.  This blog also has a link to a separate blog she is writing from Alf’s doggy perspective; especially with children in mind, to be read possibly as a nighttime story.  This journey may well take a few months. Her present destination is Norway, where she will meet up with some friends and explore the fjiords.  If you excuse a few typos you could well find it interesting and even entertaining!

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