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Beautiful Video of a Supercell Thunderstorm

… courtesy of DIGG and credit to photographer Mike Oblinski. Nature just leaves us in awe.

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BBC Documentary on the potential inventions for Tomorrow’s World

This is a good BBc Documentary exploring the current inventive initiatives and potential which are likely to shape our World in the foreseeable future. If one ignores much of the comments posted by the negative thinkers and let this report … Continue reading

Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment I am inclined to hesitate before casting opinions on foreign national situations but when it comes to the USA as a Super Power, and foreign policy issues in particular which effectively dictate and influence the lives of non-US nationals, … Continue reading

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The Owl and the Pussy cat,

This is a really lovely wildlife video of an Owl and a Pussy Cat genuinely playing and enjoying their unusual friendship. There ARE lessons to be learnt from nature – and unfortunately a lot of its ‘normal’ ugliness and violence … Continue reading

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