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The way we are! (or, One of them anyways)

The way we are! (or, One of them anyways)

I think this is a nice song – some who know me might speculate as to why! Not quite there yet, though! And I DO like shows. I admit, I don’t walk the dog – but I would if I could (and maybe that way too!). C’est la vie!

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Growing Old Gracefully – the power of Morph!

Growing Old Gracefully – the power of Morph!

My sister passed me this interesting morphing video of Elizabeth R. It really is a clever and interesting and worth a few moments (you can skip the short ad at the front end). From baby to a true Diamond! “Ain’t She sweet? I ask you confidentially ‘Ain’t she sweet’!” Enjoy.

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An uncivil society and social media. The Good the Bad and the Ugly. Freedom of speech – without vitriol.

An Uncivil Society: Twitter, Tom Morello, and Terrorism. Oohlaladeborah has written here yet another intelligent and eloquent article with which I find myself in strong agreement. Unfortunately incivility will continue but we should try and object to it whenever we … Continue reading

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Is your Glass full? Concentrate on the important things in life. Avoid getting distracted by the rest – it’s ‘just sand’

I’ve heard this little story a few times – and probably so have you. But … just in case, here it is again (anyway – it’s worth repeating as I had already forgotten it, and found the reminder very welcome): – A … Continue reading

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