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The London Olympic Opening Ceremony and Show – Did you like it too?

I for one think we (the Brits, London City, the Organisers) pulled off a really great Olympic Opening Ceremony last night!  This has created a new inspired benchmark  – I presume that the objective of keeping costs down (to reasonable … Continue reading

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The Bank of Dave – How a ‘small’ local entrepreneur confronted the Banking world to start his own local Bank.

The Bank of Dave – Ho0w a ‘small’ local entrepreneur confronted the Banking world to start his own local Bank.

All my working life I had quite a few business ideas and a few ‘change the world’ social type ideas too –   but never the guts (and whatever else) to follow them through. I’m not crying in my soup about this. I still think it takes a certain type of ‘special’ individual to make things hap[-p-en and I am quite prepared to accept that simply having ideas is not enough, and that I didn’t have the ‘je ne sais quois’ to bring these ideas to fruition. Could speculate at length here about that – but I won’t! The point is – this guy Dave – and I believe many more – DO have what it takes. Maybe they are short on ideas so possibly some of them may have a need to find their own ideas man (or woman!). Either way, this Dave should be an inspiration to those budding entrepreneurial spirits out there and, indeed, to us all. I have to add that about 6 months ago I even set up a To Do Task in my Outlook database to pursue my own idea of looking into what it would take to start your own Bank! I found a few very interesting links and information sources on the internet including a BBC Broadcast entitled – wait for it – ‘How to start a Bank’! This story of Dave’s efforts has at least brought it back up my To Do list – the next thing though is to find a character like Dave (who admittedly also has a pile of his own cash – to help make it work!

Anyway this is more about Dave – and You (or anyone else who may need inspiration to make things happen). If you have some good ideas ‘ole Dave may well be the one to inspire you to make it happen! Best of luck – and enjoy the journey!

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Brooklands Mercedes World – F1 exhibition

F1 Exhibition at Mercedes World Brooklands (taken from ‘Living Within’ magazine: Worth a visit? I think so. Read on, if you are lucky enough to live nearby (like me!): – PIT STOP Formula One Exhibition What: A stunning F1 exhibition … Continue reading

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Privacy and Big Brother Phobias: What’s the Problem?

Privacy and Big Brother Phobias: What’s the Problem?

Here they go again – these paranoid privacy aversion campaigners. Just another phobia like all those other ones organisations like Liberty, for example, get behind or stoke up. I am assuming the data accessed by BA would be in the public domain anyway, or specifically authorised when booking, such as an option to access a customer’s Facebook pages. So – What’s the problem?

Why knock a very positive and customer service oriented initiative – especially by a big British flag waving corporation? It’s all quite exasperating. I have no problem with drawing attention to, and guarding against, genuine threats to our very personal and justifiably guarded privacy – but it seems that once one of these Liberty type organisations becomes established they end up jumping on every bandwagon they can find. I wonder if their celebrity is so intoxicating that, like any other corporate entity, they do anything to ‘stay in business’. So they dredge the depths to find anything they can scare-monger and moan about. Most of these phobia privacy issues are, in my opinion, quite unfounded. Such as ID cards – if you have got nothing to hide, What’s the problem?

Similarly, if BA access the public domain internet to get information on their customers which they can then use to, for example, personalise their service when they ‘meet & greet’ their customers – then: What IS the problem?

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