Smart Energy – Wow!

Loving the Future – only making me worry now that I’m unlikely to be around to enjoy the benefits, such as Smart Energy! But then, I’ve had my share of the Future compared with my parents; haven’t we all? So, shame on me for even thinking such selfish thoughts!

Back to the (Smart) Future …

Well, I’ve just heard all about the Smart Future on our horizons, on the News. It seems that it’s all geared to optimising renewable energy, such as wind power, which is seasonal and variable with prevailing weather conditions on a day-to-day even hourly basis, as opposed to the predictable and constant, but expensive and risk laden nuclear or finite resource-dependent environmentally unfriendly alternatives. The idea is that the energy network will interrogate our heavy consumption domestic appliances as to whether they can delay, say, the washing we’ve just loaded in our washing machine, from the present high peak nuclear or fossil fuel sorted energy, to later when ideally the grid will be receiving energy from wind farms generation. This could even include interrupting the supply to our fridges, so long as the temperature levels can be maintained by efficient insulation within acceptable limits. Sounds GREAT! 

Yet more proof that the only limit to applying digital technology is our creative imagination. 

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What is ‘Great’ in a National Context?

I haven’t contributed hardly anything to this blog, for quite a long time. But the concept of Great’ has exercised my contemplative moments recently; specifically the ‘Great’  in Great Britain. 

I have for long been irritated when I hear any of my countrymen (and they do indeed mostly happen to be men, so no real need to be PC and slot in ‘or countrywomen’), suggest that we are worthy of the epithet ‘Great’ we prefix to our nation, Britain. Be assertive, positive, confident, even downright pompous, but we can never claim as a Nation or as individual citizens, to be any greater than non-British. 

Despite having kicked off this train of thought, I feel this post would end up being unreadably long, not to mention quite irritating and, of course, less than a ‘great’ essay.

So let me turn 360 degrees and quote two examples of where I DO think Britain produces something truly Great and the like of which I have not witnessed in any other country: the great Brotish TV Documentary, especially when coupled with self deprecating humorous commentary. I have just watched  two documentaries I fortunately had the foresight to record. The first is BBC’s ‘Full Steam Ahead’, mainly about the importance of Steam engine technology to Britain’s economic and social development more than a hundred years ago. The second is the series ‘Slow Train through Africa’, as most entertainingly presented by the Welsh (undeniably part of Great Britain) humourist, Griff Rhys Jones. This particular documentary is not even one produced by that ‘Great’ British institution, the BBC, but by its British commercial television network, ITV! Now, here’s the rub, if you are unfortunate enough (in this particular instance) not to live in Great Britain, or probably  even the geographically slight wider flung UK, you may never be able to enjoy these, and the many other Great British Tv Productions – unless, of course, your own national TV network providers had the perspicacity to invest in such gems of the Great British Television product industry! But, then again, whist these are Great productions, it does not suggest for a moment that other non-(Great) British producers do or produce their own Great productions! 

Our saving grace, it has just occurred to me, is that we don’t tend (in my experience) to ever call ourselves THE Greatest! So maybe, we (Great?) Brits ain’t so bad after all. Let me end with dedicating this post to THE Greatest- Mohamed Ali, who, for all his faults (which all of us are blessed with, as part of our basic human nature, but to varying degrees), in my opinion was a truly Great individual, recognised by so many admirers thought the world. I for one, never begrudged his calling himself The Greatest. This was at least true within the realm of his boxing profession. Beyond that, though, he was a Great man. RIP

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Is a virtual gastric band the answer?

A further instalment in the enlightening and very interesting new journey (measured in inches rather than miles) of my daughter, Thea.

… Last Friday I had the first in a series of hypnosis sessions for weight loss, which included getting a virtual gastric band fitted.  I would never get a real one fitted.  I know people that have, a…

Source: Is a virtual gastric band the answer?

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This IS Important! It is just another example of Chinese abuse of wildlife, not only for voyeurism but for misguided and abhorrent cultural and traditional belief that animal body parts and potions have any medical or other properties. And western gun toting ‘hunters’, not least of all Americans, are no better. But China needs to shake off its misguided traditions and take a lead in the legal outlawing of such practices which continue to threaten the extinction of wildlife throughout the globe, especially in creating demand supplied by animal poachers. It is TIME for China to EARN the RESPECT of the international community and not just rely on becoming a world supreme power simply because it controls a vastly bigger population than any other country. If it wants to dominate the world let it show it deserves this responsibility not just because it can but because it leads by ethical and humane example.
Like –  And Spread the Word if you AGREE!!

 (So hope, for Humanity’s sake, you DO)

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Why bother doing this (again)

My loving support for my Lovely daughter, Thea, in confronting her current challenge to loose a few inches. Here’s her latest post in her blog which is inspirational in showing her admirable attitude and considerable personal determination and commitment n seeing this through. She’s done it before and inspired me to follow her example…..

… I’ve thought a lot this week about why I want to start this journey of shedding inches (again).  You might think that’s simple – it’s better to be slimmer and healthy than fat – b…

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Running free on the beach

Source: Running free on the beach

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Back on the road again

Best of luck Thea, on your second European adventure! GIRL POWER!

Thea & Tails

Alf and I are on the road again in beautiful Beryl. This time we’re heading through France to Spain and probably Portugal. I say probably because there is, as ever, no definitive plan. The only plan is to visit a couple of friends who live near(ish) to Marbella – apart from that we’ll just go with the flow.

When I headed out on my last and first big trip, in my van, last summer in Europe and Scandinavia I thought it would probably be a one off – after all I’d need to go back to work. Well things didn’t quite work out that way, I ended getting the chance of redundancy which I grabbed it with both hands. Even after 21 years it wasn’t a difficult decision – especially as I was sat by Lake Siljan in Sweden. I can remember it vividly – I had little cheeky chaffy…

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IN PICTURES: Magna Carta 800th anniversary celebration

IN PICTURES: Magna Carta 800th anniversary celebration.

wasn’t around to be art of these unique celebrations in my home town last week, but thanks to Roger Neild’s  Runnymede Residents Community WP blog, I was able to enjoy this local Press picture callers record – and pleased to share it here.

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Did you miss the Magna Carta 800th celebrations?

Proud to call Runnymede my home!

Runnymede Residents Community Web Site

If you missed the Magna Carta celebrations here in Runnymede may I offer you a taste of IMG_3999what happened and why it is important to you?

Firstly Magna Carta was 800 on Monday June the 15th 2015 and for you free men and women it means you cannot be arrested by the police without cause, nor can your possessions be arbitrarily seized.

A panel from an amazing tapestry celebrating Freedom. A panel from an amazing tapestry celebrating Freedom.

It included in its terms that even the monarch is subject to the law.

The newly unveiled statue of the Queen at Runnymede Pleasure Grounds The newly unveiled statue of the Queen at Runnymede Pleasure Grounds

Magna Carta was the first document to be entered into England’s record of laws.

Mayor of Runnymede Derek Cotty  and Chief Constable Lynne Owens support Freedom and the Rule of Law Mayor of Runnymede Derek Cotty and Chief Constable Lynne Owens support Freedom and the Rule of Law

It has ‘travelled’ overseas and is reflected in the United States constitution and the constitutions of over another 100 states.

The Great Charter has been…

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Om Guru Om, Om Guru Om, Om Guru Om . . . . . .

Om Guru Om, Om Guru Om, Om Guru Om . . . . . ..

another very good update to Thea’s Nepalese experience. This time about her days at the Yoga retreat (notorious auto-spellcheck poses a few challenges for the reader – but applying a bit of Yoga type positive thinking certainly helps in ignoring it!). Really enjoyable reading, Thea.

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